Acquisition of scientific instruments was aided by C+D Automatika Kft. Obtaining items of information technology was sponsored by the Vodafone Hungary Foundation. Charging our batteries and observations was sponsored by Brunton.

Trimble Juno SB — high-sensitivity GPS Receiver

The Trimble Juno SB Handheld is lightweight and compact. The Trimble Juno SB Handheld is equipped with 3 megapixel camera and high-sensitivity GPS receiver. The Trimble Juno SB Handheld is also known for its long battery-life. The Trimble Juno SB Handheld is a cost-effective and fully integrated solution for various positioning applications.


  • Cost-effective fully integrated solution
  • 3 megapixel camera
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Long life battery for all-day use
  • Lightweight and compact

HOBO Water Temperature Pro v2 Data Logger — U22-001

The durable HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 has 12-bit resolution and a precision sensor for ±0.2°C accuracy over a wide temperature range. Designed with a durable streamlined case for extended deployment in permafrost, fresh or salt water, the Water Temp Pro v2 is equipped with an Optic USB interface for data offload in the field, even when the data logger is wet.

Optic USB Base Station — BASE-U-4

The new Universal Optic USB Base Station and a series of couplers are used to offload data from any HOBO(r) data logger with an Optic USB interface. The Optic USB Base Station connects to your computer via USB, while connecting to the logger via an appropriate coupler.

Deltaohm HD 206-1 — temperature and relative humidity mini Data Logger

We placed this data logger onto the top of Ojos del Salado for measuring relative humidity.

Eutech PCTestr 35 — measures pH, Conductivity (detecting salt-content) and Temperature