Dr. Balázs Nagy


Georgrapher, associate professor at ELTE, Department of Physical Geography, Head of Center of Geography, ELTE and editor in chief of Földgömb magazine. As a geomorphology specialist he researches how past and present climate change effect surface evolution. He has been doing field work in extreme environments for a long time with more than 100 Carpathian study trips and three several months long Antarctic research expeditions. His favorite study areas are arid high mountain regions: mountain deserts and alpine tundras of West Asia, the Himalayas and the Andes.


Dr. Mari László


Geographer, GIS IT specialist, associate professor at ELTE, Department of Physical Geography and a colleague at Földgömb magazine. He specializes in geomorphology and studies landforms with methods of GIS (analyzing space- and aerial imagery), along with tracking and analyzing surface-cover changes of historical times.


Zsolt Heiling

Field engineer

Electrical engineer, Head of Földgömb magazine’s publishing company, founder of Földgömb Foundation for Research Expeditions. Member of the first Hungarian ascent team (2010) to Ojos del Salado. His responsibilities are: finding the suitable measuring instruments, test these devices and cooperate in analyzing the collected data.