Plans for the 2014 Field Season

  • Downloading data from data loggers placed in 2012, reinstalling devices.
  • Placing a new (temperature and humidity measuring) data logger onto the top of Ojos del Salado.
  • Depending on the weather and regolith conditions placing new instruments deeper into the active layer.
  • Measuring the thickness of the active layer in the vicinity of measuring stations.
  • Measuring ground moisture at the research locations in the upper 40 cm layer with several profile samples.
  • Measuring snow, perennial snow and ice density in surface and buried layers.
  • Installing a new set of instruments for monitoring the active layer, the temperature and humidity at 4700 m in the line of a subterranean flow of water arriving from Ojos del Salado.
  • Monitoring eolian debris transportation by installing sediment traps at 5300 and 6000 meters.
  • Studying the structures and development of ripple marks built by eolian sediment transport.
  • Defining the borderline between the desert and tundra zones based on the study of landformation dynamics.
  • Studying the lake beds of possible periodic lake hosting basins, sampling their sediments.
  • Analyzing the water of periodic lakes: salinity, temperature, pH
  • Sampling the water of periodic lakes with the aim of searching for possible life forms
  • Exploring periglacial processes of the parasite crater with a fumarole in it at 6450 m, installing measuring devices into its pyroclastic bottom, analyzing its water.

OJOS 2012 NB 00607

2002 Ojos del Salado resize

OJOS 2012 NB 00295 

Future plans

We plan to continue with the expeditions by regularly downloading data at the measuring stations and by installing and developing further devices, as only a long-term monitoring research provides exact and detailed picture about the study area’s environmental change. To continue the research the expedition’ organizer, the non-profit Földgömb Foundation for Expedition Research needs further sponsors for: equipment acquisition and covering costs of field work (when downloading data on site). 

OJOS 2012 NB 00667