Hungarian researchers have been the first ones to launch instrument-based environmental investigations at an elevation near 7000 m. The team of Földgömb Foundation for Expedition Research has just returned from the Atacama desert, where expedition members launched the highest elevation environmental monitoring research—on the world's highest volcano, the Ojos del Salado—sponsored by Vodafone Hungary Foundation. Researchers set off 23. January for the work in the extreme environment of the 6893 m high Ojos del Salado volcano. The team already had a field knowledge as they had been the first Hungarians who successfully reached the summit of the Earth's highest volcano (2010). The main rationale of the 2012 research is the fact that this area is an extreme environment—which is common knowledge - but the major causing factors for its extremity are still undiscovered. The expedition aimed to launch a long-term monitoring research by field data collection and analyses.